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We help beginner sellers get Feedback To Produce High Quality Products in your new TPT Store. Boost Your TPT & TES Followers and Get Encouragement To Improve Your Resources and Organically Lift Sales.

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How It Works


Add your TPT & TES Products & Resources to Teacher’sTrophy as a link in a couple of minutes.


Earn virtual trophies through the platform to offer other teachers.

Get feedback

List your TPT or TES product to Teachers for feedback.  Get constructive advice and change your products. 

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a Teacher will Use and
Review Your Products

Teacher’sTrophy puts your products in front of teachers who download, use and privately review your products.  Receive honest feedback to improve your resources. Find out what you are doing wrong and fix it fast before you create more products with similar problems. Get followers for your new store. Build trust in your brand and boost your store views.  Take action today. 


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Getting started couldn't get any easier. You can quickly add your products and start getting real feedback from other teachers. Boosting your TPT or TES searchability and ranking doesn't have to be a waiting game. Get your ranking up fast.


Give to Others

Support fellow teachers and their stores by sorting resources by grade level or platform. You must provide a PDF download or a link to free products in your store. Receive helpful reviews and learn from other teachers to create high quality resources.

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REAL feedback

Rack up Real Sales Fast

Teacher'sTrophy helps you find teachers to help you work on your TPT or TES resources, even if you just launched your store. You can see when teachers start downloading your product and when they post their feedback. Take on their feedback to improve your resources. You can then fast track your income as a TPT or TES teacher offering high quality products.

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Have any questions about adding products or getting feedback? Fake stores or sellers are not welcome here and we can help you report them. Our tech support is here to help you.



We don’t set a cap or limit on the number of resources you can work on. It’s up to you to keep reviewing resources to continue to earn trophies to offer others. 


For a monthly flat fee, your products are available to the teachers who simply download  the free resource, use and privately review your products for you. 


There’s no waiting period. The teachers typically download your products in 3-7 days. Timeframes vary according to the teacher. 


It is common to provide a PDF for the teacher privately on this platform. We can also link to your free downloads on TPT or TES. 


You can cancel your subscription at anytime and easily from inside your account settings, when you sign up.

BONUS feedback

To get you started, you get trophies when you sign up, so you can offer them to other teachers to get real feedback.


Helpful Feedback for Your Resources & Products

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Yes, our reviews increase your visibility on the world’s largest resource store, Teachers Pay Teachers, or other resource stores, after our readers post their reviews using your resource listing link.
You can earn trophies by writing reviews for other teachers. You can then offer them to other teachers to review your products or resources. (You will also earn credits on the TpT website when you purchase resources from them. This is outside of our platform. )
No, When you add your resources to TeachersTrophy, they will be visible to interested teachers / reviewers only, and only when you decide to get reviews for your resource. Your resources will not be visible on Google or any other platform external to TeachersTrophy. Only committed reviewers who agree to review your resource can access the link to your resource.
If you have uploaded a PDF resource to be reviewed, that’s why you can’t edit it. You need to email support@TeachersTrophy.com and let us know what you need to change. It is better to link to a free product resource on TPT and not upload a file. Then you can change the file but make sure the link on TpT does not change. You cannot edit a resource when it’s listed for review in the Library, because other teachers could pick it up and read it.
If you are trying to add a PDF and it won’t upload it could be a problem with the file name. You cannot load any file with apostrophes or special characters in the file name. You need to rename your file and then you can load it. If you get an error when loading your resource please take a screenshot that includes your cover and pdf file names and category. Please email this screenshot to support@TeachersTrophy.com.

  • Unlimited Reviews for Each Product
  • Unique Teacher Seller Community
  • Cancel Anytime With One Click
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee